Tuesday, 26 January 2016

When it all catches up...

Monday the 25th of January 2016 

The minimal sleep plus completely missed night led to my being completely unable to stay awake once I laif my head down on the inflatable bed set up in Alice's room. 

"You fell asleep while taking last night!" Alice tells me in the morning. 
"Ah yes! I was soooo tired hahaha!" I reply in the past tense while hunting for a dish to put some breakfast cereal in.

I have just awoken from an over-travel- exertion semi coma and I am still not feeling back to normal. My body feels heavy and my muscles ache like they do Jaunary 3rd after the first two intense work outs of a New Years Resolution to finally get that Perfect Bod. My mind feels slow and sluggish and with a bizarre anti-climatic euphoria akin to having woken the day after finishing the last paper in a long set of exams. 

I have conquered travelling solo to Bali and my brain sluggishly rejoices causes me to periodically grin for no obvious reason. 

"I'm off to work now hon! I have left some notes for you on this piece of paper here!" 

Alice is on a mission! She is often on a mission but especially so in the morning! I quickly read through the notes she has kindly left me on how to get about in Auckland and use the keys etc to get in/out the building. "Gotta go, I'll be home st 4:30! Bye!" The door clicks shut and I am left alone finishing my cereal at the table. 

I pour myself a second bowl - I often eat more than necessary when I feel tired - and another random grin spreads across my face :D I feel so stupidity happy that I have just slept. It feels like I just won a competition and the reward was replenished seratonin. 

Alice's has two flat mates Tim and Anna and Tim is now finalising his work-prep and eating his cereal. I wonder what he makes of this new and disheveled creature adorning the apparentment. I grin again! Tim looks confused but carried on making his sandwiches. I think we discuss my plan for the day but I feel so out of it still that the next thing I know Tim is saying "have fun!" and the flat door clicks shut again. 

I am now looking at Facebook. I want to get more photos up so my family will see how I am doing. My aunt bought me a travellers log book for Christmas, knowing how important this journey was to me :) "I want to see more photos!" I read on Facebook and "Bring back some rock!" 

Anna emerges from her room, and having not had the chance to meet me the previous night, views me with confusion. She is all ready to head out and so we end up exchanging a  "Hi!", "Hi!", "Bye", "Bye!" which leads me to finally be completely alone in the flat. Another grin already across my face and throughout my body as I do a little happy dance. I'm here! I can rest! 

I am a massive advocate of listening to your body and mine is screaming "Yay! We did it but now lay down please!" I decide to spend the rest of the morning chilling but end up spending the whole day in a sort of blissful state of nothing-doing. I catch up on my blog, publish photos to Facebook and generally take a mindless break from the intensity of travelling. The break feels utterly delicious :) as does the cool chocolate I bought for Alice as a gift and am now eating and promising myself I will replace :) 

I decide that I need to get my yoga on and, while I set up Alice's mat and the yoga with adriene YouTube video, I grin at the fact that I'm about to do yoga in New Zealand. I have only been doing yoga a year but when I begin I feel a peace I don't get any other way. I feel at home on a yoga mat. I know who I am there :) 

Before I know it, it is 3pm and I hastily tidy my stuff up and get showered and dressed. Alice arrives home and laughes at my days lack of activities, "You missed the sun though!". We head out for dinner and the sky has a hazy warmth that sets the skyline in beautiful silhouette. 

Nighttime Auckland feel like a warmer and taller version of England :) 

The high rise buildings feel like London or Hong Kong but with a spaciousness on the ground that you can only get with a low population density.

We're off for sushi! Nom! 

I get some ginger beer and notice it's from a region of Oz where my Auzzie friend Lea used to live and write for their paper the Bundaberg times :) 

We head to a bar, after our yummy but expensive meal, and buy a hug of cider. They like to serve cider in jugs. This place also likes to serve it without any colour. The bar is quiet. People here seem to wait for Friday to arrive before they go out.

The bar closes around 10pm and we finish up and head back to the flat. We are both tired after out completely opposite days and we have a longer chitchat before I fall asleep. This time however Alice tests me after I have laid down "are you awake?", this question leads me to discover that I am in face between worlds and I have to wrench myself back to the surface of my consciousness to answer her coherently. She laughes at me "I have never known someone fall asleep so fast!".

"It's a skill I taught myself as a kid." I reply mentally trying to claw at reality to talk to my friend as my minds throws dreamy images at me making it hard to speak without including aspects of the absurdities currently weaving through my consciousness and drawing me into sleep. 

I eventually am defeated by the sandman and I leave Alice to take her time following me. :) zzzzzzz

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