Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Late night worries

Wednesday the 27th of January 2016

I awake in the night to the sound of heavy rain and realise I have left a top outside 'drying' after being washed. I will leave that here in Auckland I think. 

I am excited and nervous about travelling south. I have never done a road trip before let alone a solo one and here I am about to set off knowing that I only organised the whole thing yesterday ;) 

I also have the next stage in my trip weighing on my mind. I am a mosquito magnet and I have to use a lot of deet to keep them away. I'm heading to Costa Rica on the 16th of Feb until the 3rd of March and have seen a lot in the news about the new Zika virus spreading across south and Central America. I take a bit of time in the night and I read up on it. While I am not pregnant now, I would like to be able to have a child at some point (I have been waiting for the right guy :( unfortunately) and so am wondering if this is a temporary virus like a cold or a permanent virus like HIV. I find out it is temporary... Phew! Three weeks after you get it, it should be gone and my future is back in the hands of the relationship gods. It seems it's not necessarily the case for men however and once infected a man's sperm may chronically hold the infection. This is at least the gist I got from my midnight reading. So maybe think twice chaps about visiting Central America at the moment and if you have visited maybe get yourself tested if that is possible? 

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