Sunday, 24 January 2016

Virgin Australia and the missing WiFi

To get to Auckland I have to go via Melbourne. I am sleepy, a little iritable and the inane loud chatter of people as they board the plane grates on me. My previous flights felt full of calm and quiet people and now there are kids screaming and people talking at a volume high enough for the pilot to get involved. The people I sit next to on planes are normally chatty, not so on this plane. The lady next to me has barely made eye contact and it feels a vast contrast to the almost overly friendly Bali I just left behind. I met a lady at the spa as I was leaving who within minutes of meeting had told me a fair bit about herself and invited me to join her and her family for drinks. 

When I was a kid it seemed like everything in Australia was out to get me; "Don't touch this!", "Watch out for that!". The conversations also feel somehow more superficial than in other places I have been, but maybe that's because I feel more on guard here. My experiences of oz were at the ages of 10, 12 and 18. I enjoyed the warmth and being outside so much. I wanted to take the sunshine and beaches home to the UK but I never felt I wanted to stay over here. I loved exploring but for me the UK really gives me that warm feeling that is 'home' and even the auzzie sun can't compete with that sort of warmth :) 

Right now I just want to get this flight over and move on to the next, even the immigration jars with me, with the overt checks to ensure I won't be trying to stay  here. I find myself almost taking it personally "Why don't you want me Australia? I am really nice!" Still I'm happy to leave anyway. Melbourne airport doesn't even have free wifi! Dear god!!! #firstworldproblems 

On the next plane, I find I am sitting next to a small incredibly high pitched child. He is cute and his travel excitement palpable but the noise that this little creature generates makes fingers nails on the blackboard sound like a lullaby. His mother hushes him roughly every 5-10 seconds and when he naps I feel like making a Bali offering out of my airplane snacks to whichever Hindu god has taken pity on me ;) 

In the end I just eat them. ;) 

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