Tuesday, 19 January 2016

So much screaming!

So it turns out I am staying next to water park which is why I could hear screaming (the joyful kind) as I sat at breakfast :) 

You can just see one of the flumes in the background here and every so often I see the dark shadow of a flailing human wizz by. :) I admit to being tempted, I do love a good water slide 😊 but I feel I should first have a bit of an explore. Deciding what to wear was harder than expected. I want to be cool, not get bitten, be respectful and possibly lay on the beach and/or surf. Hmm. 

My breakfast started unexpectedly well... They knew what gluten was! When I expressed surprised, they replied "of course, would you like gluten free bread?" Wow! One of the positives about gluten free bread always tasting like crap is that you know you're not being poisoned... Ahhhh! the reassuringly bland and crumbly taste of safe digestion. The orange juice tastes freshly squeezed and although the tea came without milk, it didn't need it... It was delicious :) 10hrs (mostly sleeping) and I'm already becoming a Bali fangirl ;) 

The place I am staying also has a gym! I am hoping it has a yoga mat. It definitely has a swimming pool. 

I love how they ask you to "please enjoy!" after everything they give/offer you. I have refrained from uttering "well I'll give it a go but this place really is the pits..." As I don't know if people would definitely get that humour ;) 

My arty, healthy and beautiful looking breakfast was delicious :) I feel like I have walked into a country sized health spa. Must leave the hotel... It's sooo nice but exploring is calling. 

Apparently this little island is now super popular with solo female travellers thanks to the book 'Eat, Pray, love!'. So I think I will jump on the bandwagon and look for good meditation spots to continue my 'soulbatical' goal of developing a consistent meditation practice. I am really loving everything and so far have eaten lots of things so if I do my version of prayer, I have the set. Plus I have the feeling I could meditate the shit out of this place. Win! 

Snakeskin fruit update: This fruit tastes like a fusion of not quite ripe pear and chestnuts and was a strange pleasant/unpleasant that makes me want to eat it again but I'm not sure why ;)

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