Friday, 29 January 2016

Leaving Queenstown #sadface

Today I open my eyes and am greeted by this: 

I must have done something generating some good Karma at some point I think. I sit up and just stare for what feels like a minute but turns out to be about fifteen. I feel like I could look at these mountains forever. The view is so clear, so deep so rich the soul falls through the eyes and out into the vast space unfolding. I can't get up, on a normal day at home it's hard, now? Haha! 

I pull back the curtains. If I'm going to delay the start to my day and be so indulgent then I might as well go the whole way with this. 

This is my reward :) 

I spent another hour looking at this view and composing words to this blog. Shower time. The shower in this awesome pad is awesome! A wide hot shower at the time the fragrant smell outdoors waft around the room. I look out of the window to see the cause: 

This doesn't show it well but there was a small garden out the back filled with scrubs and flowers. The owners clearly take pride in their rental here :) 

I get myself ready and packed into the car. I don't think I've stopped smiling for two days now. I have a small heat rash on my upper arm, I just grinned at it and moved on.

I drove into town and parked up. I now know my way around easily which is not that normal for me but everything feels easy here. I walk into the main town and I head for the shops. I need supplies for fox glacier. I sort this and head to the ice cream shop.... It's just so good!

Now I am sitting with my ice cream and listening to a very talented lady street performer sing 'Coke away with me'. I want to ask here why she would ever want to leave here? :) 

I can't resist going to my favourite cafe for lunch. 

I get some money out and head to the car up some steps passing a 50 ish year old lady who says "never get old" to me as I pass her "I'll give it my best shot." I reply with a smile as I pass her. 

My car is hot and I sit for a moment to let it cool. This is my view from the car:

I am not off up the coast. I can't quite believe how good my Queenstown stay has been :) It's simply the best!

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