Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I'm in Bali!!

Wow! Ok so I'm not slumming it in Bali it seems even after paying very little for a hotel (changed my mind on hosteling since I was arriving at midnight). 

I arrived at the airport at 23:15 and the airport is initially very confusing but then turns into a temple like environment which is just beautiful. The humidity hit me before the heat and it's midnight - I'm going to cook! Eeeek! All your belongings get scanned before you leave the airport, and as I turned the corner, post scan, I saw a number of prior who had been caught out smuggling stuff into the country. Piles of shiny golden boxes of cigarettes sat before a glum looking small lady wearing a purple head scarf. How she even carried all them I don't really understand. Also the VISA that was supposed to be $35 is now free for UK passports. Score! That'll buy me a few massages on the beach tomorrow ;)

After customs, my shuttle driver, Ketut, was waiting for me with a sign and on making eye contact, gave me the biggest and friendliest smile. This put me right at ease and I felt myself relax, letting him take my rucksack and guide me through the awesome but very hot airport grounds. It also meant I did not have to chose between the many blue shirted driver sitting around the customs exit addressing me with "Darling! Need a ride?" which felt a little familiar and after I politely declined was followed by another (albeit more handsome) fellow who said grinning "I bet you prefer me huh!?" to which I just chuckled and said "I'm all good thanks." and went on my way. People often dance a fine line between friendly and creepy. 

Yay for Ketut! According to Ketut, it should be rainy season right now but it's not yet arrived so maybe I'll get lucky and have a dry but humid 4 days here. I grilled Ketut for insider info on the island and what to do and after some discussion of the English weather we both concluded that I should move to Bali. The commute would be a bitch though. 

Walking into the hotel (outdoor) foyer reminded me of Costa Rica. It feels like it has been designed to put the weary traveller at rest. The big comfy seats they offer you to sit in, along with the bottle of water Ketut gave me, made my shirt registration much more comfortable; as I scribbled my name while also scrambling to strip off layers before I ignited. 

Next I was escourted to my room. Holy moly! This place is beautiful 

I have a balcony with a bed on it! (Either accomodation is very cheap here or I managed to get an incredible deal). They have even given me a basket of weird fruits including on that my hotel guide (forgot to ask his name) informs me is called the 'snakeskin' fruit. Now I've long had a bit of a thing for discovering new fruits so this elicited a little squeal/squeak  noise out of me which made my hotel guide jump. 

As I closed the door on my residence for the next 4 days I saw myself in the long mirror and realised I had come to Bali dressed like a ninja. 

Breakfast starts at 6:30 and I am already very excited if this bedroom fruit is anything to go by. :) Their English is incredible which is obviously going to make my life very easy. I am now very happy and very tired and looking forward to seeing this clearly beautiful and cheerful island!

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