Friday, 29 January 2016

Route 6 to Wanaka

I set of to Fox Glacier and the hike that I intend to do. My drive starts stunning and keeps delivering. I quickly begin climbing into the hills with the excitement of tight turns and regular lay-by photo stops. 

Always time for a road-side awesome car selfie. I have discovered the car has cruise control, at this point I wouldn't be suprised if the was a massage setting for the seat. 

The hills are greener than this photo captures but they are really rollin'. I feel like an ant weaving my way through a green fabric market stall. 

The road edges are graced with these pretty blue/purple flowers. The wire here is to stop you falling into the river below. I lost count of the rivers I crossed... Luckily I realised they all have numbered signs ;) 


I have planned to visit but not stop overnight in Wanaka and when I arrive I realise I have made the right decision. This place feels beautiful but not someone I feel I need to stay a long time in. It's a beachy place with water sports and lacks the diversity, street performances and woodlands of Queenstown. It is beautiful though :) 

The beach is pebbly with woody bits which means no sand castles will be built here anytime soon but people are all over the beach lapping up the sun. No being a sun-bunny myself I look way over dressed because I can't be bothered to put suntan everywhere for this short stop :) 

The town has an almost Wild West feel to it and the prevailing country style of music just adds to this flavour. There is another Patagonia Chocolate ice cream place but I am good - Not going to have two ice creams in a day am I? I will be living on the beach in a month! 

I opt for a cold drink. This is L&P which stands for Lemon & Paeroa. It's a sparkling lemon and fizzy water drink that is made in New Zealand. It is delicious! 

I have walked past an Estate agent and picked up a brochure out of curiosity. I flick through the Queenstown property. It's the stuff over a million pounds that I like the best... Shocker! ;) I better work pretty hard on getting fusion working I guess ;)  

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