Friday, 29 January 2016

Wanaka onwards...

The journey from Wanaka to Franz Josef is a 3hr 30minute journey assuming you don't stop. This is difficult though when you travel through such pretty places! 

Here's some that I liked:

Albert Town

Cute, small, didn't stay long ;) 

Lake Hawae

Lake Wanaka

Fantail falls

Next to the water fall and discovered people had done this:

There were loads of them!! 

So I joined in... This was mine. Believe it or not there is a lovely waterfall behind this ;) 

Towards the end of my journey the road starts to look like the driveway up to a stately home with such neat boarders.

Nearly there and managed to catch the sunset :) 

At sunset I also noticed people had done this: 

I may have myself made one of these myself :) Wanna know what mine says? You'll have to go and look ;) 

I arrive at my hostel. The reception closed at 9pm and I arrived at 10pm. Luckily a guy pointed out the key on the wall waiting for me. I get into my room and apart from some mozzies it's ok. It's actually much better than ok, the previous view spoiled me ;)

I'm now so tired I neeeeeed sleep! Night night! 

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