Monday, 18 January 2016

Airtime is movie time! Peta's movie reviews!

The first flight of my travels, which will by the time I get home total 70+ hours (yikes!), is with Royal Brunei and has a lot of good movies on offer! Plus a lovely chatty Australian woman next to me who is returning home after a European tour. Her favourite bit of her extensive trip was Prague, somewhere I have not yet managed to get to despite a number of attempts. I think a long weekend later in 2016 is called for :) Whoop! I want to sleep a fair bit but I also want to watch movies... Yay! 

Film 1: 'The Martian'.
So I begin with 'The Martian'. This is film I have wanted to see for a while due to the interesting concept of the film and likelihood of a fiat bit of science being stuffed into it :) This combined with the lovely Matt Damon, should provide an entertaining 141mins. Seat rocked back, earphones on... No popcorn... Damn it! 

Mid movie update: 
Wow this movie is amazing! Matt Damon is just so awesome! Plus gluten free food was delivered during the film with ice cream at the end which was a nice touch  :) 

Nom! :-) 

I certainly don't think my desire for adventure would extend as far as going into space :) Seems pretty intense. 

Movie rating: 10/10! Loved it! Glad there wasn't a space 'Wilson!!!' equivalent. The ending was a very good summing up of life too. Things are going to happen, and you can just give up and think that's it... Or you can start with one problem at a time, solve enough problems and you get the chance of the life you want :) 

Film 2: 'Hotel Transylvania'

A cutesy looking film. It has a big act to follow though :) 

Movie rating 7/10: It was pretty funny actually and I really enjoyed it. The jokes were numerous and overlaid, the characters were endearing and regardless of what was happening in the main story there was always something amusing in the background to keep me chuckling! I wouldn't put it down as a classic I'd want to own to watch again and again but it was a very entertaining and enjoyable watch :) 

One film on offer that I'm not watching is Everest. I saw that at the cinema (not my film choice) and it was sooooooo sad omg! If you want to feel cold and sad then that film is perfect. Take someone warm and happy with you to balance it out :) 

Snoozey plane time now!! :) 

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