Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Injuries, blood and keeping yours inside

It's super important to take a basic medical kit with you. You can buy them but I make my own since I know the likely injuries I get. 

I managed to gash a deep hole in my foot two days ago and boy was it sore. Much swearing and hopping occurred. 

This is after I had cleaned it up and stopped the bleeding. The trouble here is that it's right on a flexi bit of the foot and everytime I move my foot it opens up. Antiseptic creams here are a must together with pressure until the bleeding stops. Then I use my go-to medical must have. Liquid plaster! 

In my experience using this boosts the healing process enormously and so I sit very still and apply layers, allowing it to dry between each application before covering it in a light but breathable silver plaster. I am intending to go hiking in the South Island so this needs to heal fast! :) 

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