Tuesday, 19 January 2016


As I sit at gate 6 in Brunei airport, awaiting my final flight in my journey to Bali, I have just notice how much my fears have reduced. What has caused this relaxing of tensions? People watching! I am sitting opposite four Thai ladies, three of which are giggling as they take a picture of number 4 asleep in her chair. Whether reading, listening to music, entertaining a child or annoying my recent Aussie companion by playing candy crush at full volume... People are all so similar. The asleep Thai lady had awoken and I think she looks like a Thai version of an English Dr I know. We are about to board the plane now as I stand in the queue I think I might be a giant in Bali, ;) I am now looking forward to seeing Bali, exploring and, more imminently, laying my head down on my first bed of the trip 😊. 

I have been given an awesome travel playlist which I have now put on to entertain me for the remaining miles of my trip. Currently listening to the song 'Love is a verb' by John Mayer. I haven't heard this song before and I love it.... It's a phrase that I have often used :) Great lyrics :) 

So close now! :) 

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