Monday, 18 January 2016

Terminal 4

I rather like airports, despite everything being over-priced. Lots of people with excited faces, many shops presenting expensive bags and purse like works of art and overall a sense of 'we're here now, so we might as well just chill and try on a bunch of sunglasses since they are everywhere!' 

Thanks to Costa Coffee I found something not contaminated with the dastardly gluten and watched planes take of to destinations other than mine. 

I am a little concerned about arriving in somewhere so different so late at night as a solo female traveller, so I have booked into somewhere nice for the first few nights and asked the hotel to sort me out a transfer there... The hostel experience will wait till New Zealand :) I'm trying to go out of my comfort zone but baby steps are ok when stressed ;) 

I am wondering how Bali is going to fair at catering for my gluten-free-ness :) I am lucky in that I do not often get hangry, and can easily go without food for a day or so with just a little tiredness. Some snacks I have packed in my bag will help if there is much of an issue but I hope there is lots of yummy stuff :) 

Getting on a plane has for many years made me very thoughtful. I had a really bad flight into Hong Kong as a kid which made me look at my time on earth up to that moment and come to terms with its potential termination. It was, needless to say, odd! After the hong kong pilots managed to eventually land the plane, after many aborted attempts, I thought about my response to my perceived imminent departure and I was sort of pleased. Rather than panicking, everything in my mind went very peaceful. I was filled with fear but I felt like should we crash it would be over fairly quick and I was happy with who I had been thus far and so it was ok. (Gosh this blog got heavy quick). Anyway since that time, when I get on a plane, I find myself reviewing my life in advance of any eventuality and seeing how I'm getting on and this time I find myself think how grateful I am for the many lovely people in my life that helped me get ready for this trips either with words of encouragement, kit and packing advice, location knowledge, beds and sofa offers in different places and great company so I could discuss and prepared what I was going to do. Sounding boards are invaluable :) Then today all the messages of 'safe travels' and optimistic messages predicting fun in the sun has made me feel so warm and fuzzy that I'm not worried about the flight :) 

I am flying with Royal Brunei airlines and so far they are good. I have a free daily mail ( for the crossword only ) and they know I am gluten free... Yay! Off we go with an amazing red skyline to take off into. 

Off I go! 😊

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