Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Waking up in Bali.

Today I woke up in my beautiful airconditioned room at 7:30am. I looked outside to see:

Which obviously isn't a great photo so I went out on my balcony and boom! I had to catch my breath the heat hit me so hard and it's 7:30am! My room aircon is definitely going to be my favourite luxury item this stint of the trip. 

Now on the balcony and less heat shocked, I took this panorama. I am greated by the awesome sound of cockerels, mopeds and people chatting in Indonesian as they work. 'Tidak', the Indonesian word for no, currently makes up 50% of my Indonesian vocabulary (want to have a guess at the other word? ;) but it is currently enough to enable me to confirm the language people are speaking.

My body feels like I've overtrained. Tired, heavy and demanding more rest, so today will definitely be a nice relaxed exploration day. Not getting heat stroke or burnt is today's main objective. :) It's now already 8am so I'm off to get ready for breakfast. My shower is in a glass box within my room, from which I can look out across Bali... Not bad! ;) 

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