Thursday, 21 January 2016

Eggs benedict and thoughts about night-time Kuta.

This post should be read after Kuta nightlife post. Not sure why is published them out of order. 

After a late night eggs benedict sounds like a great plan. This morning I had to force myself out of bed in time to get things done in time for meeting my friend for a tour. Luckily my wonderful friend Violetta chatted to me on Facebook messenger in the morning, keeping me going as I got ready. I am now a massive sarong fan, it's like a legit way of having a hero cape ;) I booked a tour for my final day here tomorrow and went to breakfast.. How fast this time in Bali has gone! I wonder what today will bring. 

"Very good, and what will Sir be having for breakfast?", "Nope, it's just me!" (I hate having just used the words 'just me', there must be a better way of putting this), "oh... But yesterday breakfast and snacks, you were with a gentleman." Wow! I like getting to know the staff but now I am feeling a little judged. They do seem to find it jarring that I am here on my own. Their questions combined with the "how are you still not married yet?" question I got yesterday have maybe left me a little emotionally delicate, as I find myself sort of cringing when I say "yeah it's just me... he is a friend of mine living in Bali."

After last night though I really think Bali evenings are much easier as a couple. As a female you get "hey honey! You need transport? I show you around. Yeah you'll like me." Which could be genuinely friendly but each time the words land on me like a drunk guy's slurred compliments in a night club.... "heeeyyyy, you looook alright, you waaaana come home with me baby?", "no thank you", "urgh?? No? Why?" Lol. 

Last evening I learnt that guys also have it equally challenging. During the previous evenings discussions Samil had told me how when he walks down the street at night here the offers always come in the same order:

1. "Hey you need transport?" - combined with the seriously exaggerated driving mime that makes the drivers look like human windmills. 
2. "No? How about lady? You want lady?" - there is no short of prostitution here I am assured. Male and female, gay or straight. If you want to get laid you only have to not say no... this makes my skin crawl a bit. Am I prudish? I don't know but people selling themselves for money in that way feels tragic to me. I also felt a little defensive on Samil's behalf, at their assumption. He is such a nice and gentlemanly chap. 
3. "What about young lady?" - ok this really creeps me out, what do they mean by this. I sort of wanted to ask Samil and I sort of didn't too, I chose to leave it. I want to sleep tonight and not have nightmares :(
4. "What about .....?" - insert all manner of drug names that Samil listed off and I have never heard of. While Samil walked me back to my hotel we were offered rides and marijuana a number of times. 

"This is not the real Bali" Samil tells me. "The real Bali is on the other side of the island, the people are incredibly poor but and they spend all their money on the temples and shrines you see around you. They won't have much food but there will always be something for the offering." It is kinda bizarre when you see how many temples there are. "Someone has to be making money out of it somewhere." Samil says with a sad tone in his voice. I'd love to say this is cynical but, over my 'few' years, I have come to agree. Where there are poor people there are normally people becoming rich keeping them that way. :( 

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