Monday, 18 January 2016

A Peta Life

Ok so I started my blog with a pun ;), I bad, but for those that know me it won't be that surprising :). The pun is apt however, as I am currently embarking on a trip that has been met with many comments like "wow that's amazing!", "I would love to do that!", "sooo jealous!" etc, yet for me this trip is less exciting than it is important (although yes I am excited too as you can see here ;) 

Often people say they go on a big trip like this to 'find themselves', I prefer to say I'm going to 'create myself'. I have found that asking myself 'who do I want to be?' is a more useful question than, what do I want to do, have etc? :) So with this in mind, I think the person I want to be is brave enough to pack a bag and go exploring.... So to be that person I had to pack a bag and go exploring ;) 

Now I am currently on the bus on the way to Heathrow Terminal 5, running a little behind so as not to change my personality completely ;-), and am reflecting, through this blog post, on why I decided to make this trip happen and what I am hoping I get out of it. :) 

It's also a beautiful, albeit cold, day in England which makes it easier to leave knowing that this is the beautiful green homeland I shall return to after many new and hopefully sunny experiences :) 

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