Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Dubai and Brunei Airports

Dubai and Brunai airports are a world apart in both space and facilities. 

Dubai airport is, apart from the Arabic writing preceding the English, much akin to Heathrow terminals 1 or 2. I admit I was expecting more glammer, a shimmering whirling ultra tech place, built to a high visual standard on low cost labour. It was nice though, in the way UK airports are; everything you need in one place and slightly more expensive than you thought it would be. 60minutes free wifi made me smile though and, along with my plane buddy, entertained me while they cleaned the plane :) Transit through Dubai doesn't require a visa but they will require your bags to be re-scanned. They didn't seem to have an issue with my litre bottle of water though. 

Brunei airport is minimalist. I was expecting some palm trees and it did deliver. :) A plethora of seating but pretty much nothing to do and no wifi, free or otherwise! I will have to entertain myself for my 4:30hr layover. 

Transit through Brunei again does not require a VISA (I speak for UK citizens when I refer to visa requirements), it will however, require you to fill in a form about the last time you coughed, sneezed or too paracetamol. It's clear, if you're sick, they don't want you! ;-) The airport has a small, bustling cafe and no information desk so don't miss your flight folks! Also bring toilet roll ;-) 

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