Sunday, 31 January 2016

Full of beans (and gluten) breakfast

Gluten, my own personal kryptonite, is pervasive around the world. It's easier to avoid when people are aware and in New Zealand they are really very good, possibly the best of anywhere I have been, although this could be because I have mostly been eating in tourist areas. Coffee I have had everywhere because the coffee is so fricking good out here! 

I stop for breakfast at the Full of beans cafe in Franz Josef and the menu has listed what is gluten free and what can be made gluten free. I order their Full of beans breakfast - gluten free. When it arrives it also contains hash browns (of the packet variety and small sausages. "Wow" I say to the waitress. "The sausages and hash browns are gluten free too?" In my experience it's better to express a query as to their competency and diligence as a compliment ;) 

"Must be!" the waitress says.

"That's great because it's hard to get sausages and hash browns gluten free." I lie, it's not hard but it does take a little effort. 
"Really? I'll just check for you to be sure." The waitress picks up that I require reassurance and heads off to check. Sure enough the sausages "probably aren't" but the hash browns "should be ok". 

I leave the sausages and hash browns well alone ;) 

It is very easy in this life to devolve responsibility to others but we are free and I have the choice to ask questions and make my own choices and the risks are calculated by me and the decisions based on those calculates are only mine to make. Would it have been their bad if they gave me something that made me ill... Sure! But it was my decision to trust them and this is where building your judgement muscles comes in. :) 

Could they have been ok? Sure maybe, but was it worth the seemingly high risk this time? I say no... If I need extra calories then I shall have ice cream... again ;) 

Good job I'm not lactose intolerant ;)

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