Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Girl talk back in Auckland

Life ay? I've been away from Auckland for about 10days and it feels like a lifetime. I sit and wait for skybus with my backpack, heavy with excessive souvenirs and gifts. Why did I think collecting rock samples was a good idea? I've not even labelled them - school kid scientist error. 

My bus into town is relaxing but not reviving and I arrive at the Ferry terminal with no intention of walking, rock laden, for half an hour up the hills to Alice's flat. I summon an uber, something which still feels like magic and pay $7 for a ride up into Parnell. The driver navigates from his phone map, making a number of lane mistakes and I wonder if he is actually licensed ;)

I arrived and it's nice to see Alice. We have a catch up on all that has happened in our respective lives.... There is a lot! Things change so fast even in just a week. We attempt to set the world to rights and as we expect, fail ;) We get some rest ready for our weekend trip to the Coromandels and the fun and excitement to come.

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