Sunday, 28 February 2016

Behind the blog

Blogging is fun, there is no doubt about it. It's great to take pictures and note down all the great and funny things that happen during the day. It does however get challenging when things get really busy. 

The end of my New Zealand trip and my trip to Costa Rica was go-go-go with barely any bathroom breaks let along blog time. It is during these times that a person needs to remember the point of the trip and the blog. The blog is to help remember and communicate thoughts and feelings about the trip, the trip isn't to support a blog! ;) So if anything has to give a little it's the blog... 

... Still saying that I have found that taking a bunch of pictures and a few notes before a fall asleep can make it tonnes easier to play catch up ;) and it is still my hope that I complete my blog so that I can remember and share this exciting trip around the globe, which I hope is the only the beginning of my brave travel adventures :) 

Hopefully there will be more posts coming out today!

Mwah! Big love to all my wonderful friends and to any other readers too! :)

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