Thursday, 4 February 2016

Back to the north island! #sad #excited #NZrocks #hashtagsdontreallyworklikethis

I slept soooo much better in my nice room. This made it much easier to get up early, showered and ready to start my journey back up to Auckland. I quickly booked the ferry last night (I'm a bit of a last minute traveller on this trip) and so I just need to get myself up and over to Picton by 12:30 and it's a roughly two hour journey so I set off at 9:30 to give myself plenty of time.

I'm going to miss the south island and also my lovely little red car and I really enjoy this final journey together. I stop to get coffee and some delicious breakfast at a pretty little marina :) 

I can't get the wifi working so I give up and enjoy myself by closing my eyes and feeling the sunshine. Then I chat to the people at the table next to me from Scotland: "We sort of live here but not in the winter...", "oh no!" the other one chips in... A lot of Brits sure know how to play the world weather.

45minues more and I am dropping in my lovely little red car. I don't look back.... Never look back! ;) 

Time to check in for the prettiest ferry ride I have ever taken.

Unfortunately this hat has not been modified so I stuff the hat in my jacket when I go outside so I don't lose another one.
The ferry leaves from a town called Picton and it's actually a very nice harbour town and nothing at all like Dover which to me looks like a dump. I like Picton and I'm happy to be there! 

We even check in luggage, I haven't done this before for a ferry but then I've never walked on either. I take a seat and wait to board. There is a stag do waiting to get on board too and I am not fast enough to get a photo (not that I tried) of the stag being somewhat forced to moon the other passengers.... Ahhh boys will idiots.... I mean boys will be boys... I mean men will be... 

... Never mind. We board the ferry. Now I'm excited! I blooming love a good boat trip. 

The scenery is beautiful and it just changes from one picturesque view to another! :) 

To another...

This is our journey... And it says we could see seals and whales... Spoiler alert! We don't ;) 
Here are all the birds we could see and we do :) 
I head inside and try and find a good spot to chill for the 4hour journey. I find an excellent but very warm spot up very high on the boat. 

I resolve the warmth problem with a cold drinkie! ;) Now that I don't have a car, why not? :D

Google maps keeps me informed as to where I am. 
So pretty! 

And now we are in Wellington, New Zealand's capital city! I think how it's a shame I won't really see any of it as I am off to get the airport.

I figure an uber will be my cheapest bet for the airport and that's how I meet Fawzan my uber driver. I even get to watch his car on route to me. 

He tells me all about Wellington as he really knows the area well, having lived there all his life. He points out the parliament building and where they created the creatures for Lord of the rings. "You'll see some of the models at the airport!". "Great!" I reply, feeling like I have stumbled onto a taxi+tour guide :D 

Fawzan offers to drive over the hill rather than through the tunnel so I see the city from the top of the hill. "That's mount Victoria lookout up there where you can get 360degree views of the city. Do you want to go, I don't think the price will be very different." I think this is a great idea and up we go. It really is very beautiful and every time I compliment the city Fawzan beams... It's clear he is a very proud New Zealander :) "Best country in the world." he says and I smile. It's lovely to see people happy with where they live :) 

We pull up at the lookout and he points up to a set of steps. "It's better up there! I can sit here and wait!" He sits on the bench and looks out over the city. I climb up to the top and am rewarded by the view he promised. It's beautiful :) I can see the harbour, the mountains, the city and the airport. I would happily spend more time up here but Fawzan is being kind and I'm being charged per km so I don't want to keep him waiting too long :)

Wellie selfie! 

Fawzan tells me how just last week two orca whales swam into the harbour and he sat and watched them. "It is a lovely city." 

"Is it an expensive place to live?" I ask and Fawzan says that it is and points out the really posh areas. I say that it reminded me of San Francisco and tells me that Wellington is built on a fault line like San Francisco, and that they are due another quake soon. Eeek! He said they had a small one a few years ago and he was at home and got his family to get down under a table. 

We pull up at the airport and Fawzan smiles and says "I hope you are going away with good memories of Wellington!". I say that I am and I thank him for being so kind.  

Fawzan drives away and my uber app pings and I see my fare was right at the cheapest end of the estimate. A bargain! :) I give him a great review on the uber app. 

My flight is delayed. This is ok really as Incan have some food: I head up to the nearest food counter and everything looks good. "Do you have anything but gluten free?" is met with "of course..." I love this place and shortly after the chap has taken my first name and is preparing me some food. "I will call you when it's ready!" He says and then I sit at the table right beside the counter. He must not have noticed as he still shouts my name out and jumps when I stand up immediately in front of him. He laughs and hand me a tray with my food presented beautifully. 

It is delicious and I finish it with plenty of time to take photos of the Lord of the rings creatures that Fawzan told me about: 

My precious!!! 

I am heading to the gate now and I see this advert for the flag decision :) what do you think? 

After a bit of delay we head to board the plane and the sky looks amazing so I pause to take a picture. One of the ground crew comes over and says "you shouldn't really take photos", "sorry, shouldn't delete it?", "nah don't worry, I bet it's really nice! Have a good flight."

New Zealanders are so nice!

I'll see you again South Island I am certain :) 

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  1. What an adventure! :). Love the sunset photo too. It all looks so wonderful xx